CTC Company / About

CTC CØMPANY is a new upcoming dance company renowned for versatility and uniqueness through movement.

CTC CØ has been officially active for a year. The company have GAINED some great opportunities to produce original pieces of dance theatre. Our first piece of work was ‘Imperfections’ – a short dance film.

Other EXLUSIVE opportunities the company HAVE PERSUED are: performing for various showcases (Mental Health Awareness, O’Kody Arts, upfront); and launching a dance training program DESIGNED TO help students TRANSCEND TO their fullest potential.

In only a short time the company HAS excelled in a very professional and positive manor. The company IS now working on their newest creation IDENTITY.

Christopher Tendai: The Founder


Christopher Tendai started his training at the prestigious Urdang Academy in 2011 studying Professional Dance and Musical Theatre (BA Hons). Christopher graduated in 2014 and since has been working in both Musical Theatre and Commercial- performing: In The Heights, Fleur East, Rita Ora, Strictly Come Dancing and Hairspray- to name but a few. And more currently, Christopher is performing as part of the Original Westend Cast of: Hamilton.

Whilst performing, Christopher founded other great passions in his career- choreography and innovative projects. In 2017, during a routine rehearsal, sprung the vision that was like a dream, and that dream became his reality, and thus the creation of his own dance company ‘CTC CØMPANY’.

Imperfections was Christopher’s first choreographic piece created for CTC. CTC is more than ‘just dance’, the company creates dance theatre. Dancing which has intention, meaning, and purpose to connect with the audience and to tell our unique stories of life. Christopher’s choreography is a dynamic mix of different dance genres; ranging from: Commercial, Jazz and Contemporary to Freestyle and physical Theatre. CTC is a unique and original dance company and is ready to make its mark in the Performing Arts Industry.

“If you work hard enough, anything in life is achievable. I started my training in dance when I was 18, knowing there were others who had been dancing since they were 3. I knew it would be hard, but all I said to myself was: ‘I need to get to their level in 3 years’. So I spent every day in a studio, going over exercises, stretching and choreography. That passion and determination has made me the person I am today. I am now in the Westend, a new theatre choreographer and have my own Company. My aim in this life is to give back as much knowledge as I can to the next generation through my new training programme (CTC TRAINING PROGRAMME), as well as become a world renowned Choreographer.”

Christopher Tendai