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Streaming live on 6th February 2021

Have you ever looked into the mirror and don’t like what you see?

It’s time to take our masks off with CTC DANCE COMPANY’s award-winning show: IDENTITY, now funded by arts council national lottery. This 75-minute controversial and captivating masterpiece showcases society’s negative perceptions of the individual, and endeavours to explore the inner strength of humanity by celebrating and embracing our unique identities.

A cast of 5 diversely talented performers awaken our emotions to the pains and heartache of life never truly being black or white. Instead this colourful and explosive show combines Contemporary Dance and Afro Beats with spoken word; and live music to punch its way to the truth about relative issues of today’s society. So let’s get connected and inspired, by daring to reveal our true identity.

Age guidance 12+ | Contains Some Strong Language

Cast and Crew

Creator & Choreographer: Christopher Tendai (Original Cast of Hamilton, Westend)

Original direction by: Denzel Westley Sanderson (National Theatre)

Sound Designer: Shaun Rimmer

Lighting Designer: Adam Mottley

Original Music By: Sam.G

Live Music & Spoken Word By: Caitlin Taylor

Costume Design: Charlotte McAdam

Assistant Choreographer: Jac O’Kody

Associate Choreographer: Tinovimbanashe Sibanda

Stage Manager: Adam Burns

Cinematographer and Editor: Uzeyir Cetin

Assistant Sound Technician: Robins Audio


Lead: Caitlin Taylor

Ensemble: Marina Climent Casas, Luke Cartwright, Tinovimbanashe Sibanda, Corey Mitchell.



Meet The Cast


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“This inventive and thoughtful dance piece explores what we see if we take our ‘masks’ off and allows ourselves to be us and not what society expects.”


“A dance company with a unique approach showing an honesty and authenticity which connects to audiences. CTC is promising young company which has the mission of looking at mental health in a new way, connecting with people and opening up discussions via their art.”

Jonathan Baz – The Offies

Rewrite The Story

The Mumble

Edinburgh Fringe

Broadway Baby

“Exciting New Work”

Fringe Review

“The Synchronised Ensemble Have an energey that pulls you in”

The Scotsman

“CTC are reformulating dance theatre”

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Original music is by Singer/Songwriter Sam.G

Original music is by Singer/Songwriter Sam.G or previously known as Shekinah Mcfarlane. Shekinah has been writing and singing her own music since she was at secondary school.

The music used within Identity is from her first EP Album: Welcome To My Diary (Available on Spotify and iTunes). Shekinah is currently performing the role of Anne of Cleves in Six The Music UK Tour


Applause for Thought

Triple award winning organisation that provides free & low-cost Mental Health support, talks & accredited courses to all those in the Arts Industry.

Caitlin Taylor


Rising star Caitlin Taylor

All Live music and spoken word has been written by rising star: Caitlin Taylor. Caitlin is a Dancer, Singer/Songwriter and Actress and will be reprising her role in Identity Off Westend at The Turbine Theatre in March 2020.

About The Show


We all can relate to hearing THE NEGATIVE VOICES IN OUR SUBCONSCIOUS WHISPERING: ”you’re not good enough”; “you’re ugly”; “you’re worthless”. Through one person’s eyes, we see the struggle they face and the connection they have with these voices. The story shows how on the outside we seem fine, but when we take the mask off, what do you TRULY see? As the show unravels we EXPERIENCE the conscious efforts ONE ENDURES to overcome these INNER DEMONS and WITNESS the positive TRANSFORMATION WHEN choosing the light; Whether this may be: achieving your dream job; being comfortable in your own skin or SIMPLY knowing you are worthy of being here.


The storyline for this piece of Dance Theatre is very simple, but the impact and depth of it can AND WILL connect each different kind of audience. This show WILL RESONATE to THOSE OF US WHOM suffer from mental health STRUGGLES, OR THOSE TRAPPED BY VARIOUS community STEREOTYPES, and TO THOSE ‘every day people’ who work TIRELESSLY FOR THEIR NEXT MONTH’S PAY,  hating their job, and SECRETLY wishing THAT they could LEAVE IT ALL AND follow their dreams. This showcase WILL ACTUALIZE TO THE AUDIENCE that even though we have these voices WHICH bring us down, WE as humans have the choice to listen to them or we can consciously make the decision to ignore ‘the voice IN OUR MINDS’ and INSTEAD follow what the heart desires. The show uses body-paint art to portray these different emotions and struggles. AS WELL AS  incorporating live acoustic music and the use of spoken word.

With All OF THE WORLD’S CURRENT TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS, I feel that this show could be SOMEONE’S SALVATION and solution. INSTILLING TO THE MASSES WHOM ARE listening to THEIR negative voices, that they have the power to choose, TO CHOOSE positivity; to choose their dreams; AND ULTIMATELY CHOOSE THEMSELVES. THIS SHOW also HAS THE POWER TO EDUCATE: THE YOUTH AT: SCHOOLS, COLLEGES, UNIVERSITIES and Youth-centres. the show will give them a sense of comfort to be unique and individualized within a conformist society and at such a crucial time in their lives.



Identity off Westend 2020


Cast and Crew

Creator & Choreographer: Christopher Tendai (Original Westend Cast, Hamilton)

Co Creator & Director: Denzel Westley-Sanderson (Resident Director, Almeida Theatre)

Producer: Sally Wood

Co Producer: Phoebe Shergold Willis

Sound Designer: Shaun Rimmer

Lighting Designer: Charlotte McAdam

Original Music By: Sam.G

Live Music & Spoken Word By: Caitlin Taylor


Lead: Caitlin Taylor

Ensemble: Marina Climent Casas, Luke Cartwright, Tinovimbanashe Sibanda,

Callum Sterling.

IDENTITY at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019


Edinburgh Creatives

Choreographer: Christopher Tendai
Director: Denzel Westley- Sanderson
Associate Choreographer: Jac O’Kody
Lighting Design: Brian Holt
Assistant Lighting / Sound Technician: Chloe Forestier-Walker
Stage Manager: Jack Frederick William
Venue: Greenside Venues