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Our new adapted course Industry Ready Online – which is associated with our new course brand: Industry Ready is here!

I know that the time we are in is an uncertain and out of our control, but we can control how we use this time we have been given. This course will give you a form of routine to your week, focussing on Dance Fitness and Mental Well Being. The weekly course will be from Tuesday-Sunday. The fee for the online course will be £13.

For the duration of this course, please make sure you have the Apps: Facebook Messenger, Youtube and Zoom.

Please make sure you have something to write things down. This will be your well being journal. I would like to refrain from writing anything on phones, tablets and laptops. This is so we can keep our thoughts and feedback personal.

The Course will be split into 3 sections

1. Dance Fitness


I will be creating daily fitness tasks which I will be asking everyone to put their feedback in the messenger group.


We shall be having live zoom calls for live dance classes focussing on technique and performance. The dance styles will vary from Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Commercial.


I will be sending private YouTube links that only the people on the course can see for our flexibility and strength exercises.


Live BodyCon / Technique Classes fo 30mins

2. Mental Well Being


We shall all be keeping a Well Being Journal where we can write down our progress, inspirational quotes and thoughts that we may have.


I will be setting tasks that I would like everyone to participate in and write down their thoughts. For example: Meditating for 15minutes and how this made you feel.

3. Coaching And Feedback


Throughout the course I will be giving everyone feedback that is specific to you, so we can progress further.


Professional Dance Video Feedback

Industry Ready Add-On


I will also be offering additional 1 to 1 services for students. You can use this service for: Music Theatre Repertoire, Dance Fitness, Dance Technique, Fitness and Health, Industry Requirements, Text & Intention, and Self Tapes.

This Service will be at an additional cost of:

£15 for 30mins / £26 for 60mins / £32 for 90mins

Limited spaces. Apply now online to book your place.

Program is a first come, first serve basis.


Molly-Mae France

“I have been training with Chris at Industry Ready for a few weeks and it’s been the best thing in lockdown. Not only to keep up my fitness and dance technique but also to encourage a lot of self discovery. The weekly mindful tasks have helped me keep sane during lockdown whilst inspiring a lot of self reflection. The one to one feedback is always insightful and encouraging and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a better artist.”

Anastasia Raymond

“I joined the industry ready course back in April after really struggling with a commercial dance class Chris was leading for my college and it was hands down the best decision I have made during lockdown.

The industry ready course has given me an insight into myself unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before; the daily meditation and journaling has honestly improved my mental health (and was probably the only thing keeping me sane at times), the technique and strength exercises have pushed my body to new extremes in terms of flexibility and dance ability (6 weeks in I landed my first ever triple pirouette!!), and I can finally say that I’m no longer afraid of commercial and I do enjoy and can be sexy!

I would highly recommend the industry ready course to anybody in the theatre world. Chris is the best mentor I have ever worked with and he honestly cares about each and every person attending his classes. Not only will dance ability approve, your strength and technique soar but you will grow as a person as you come to learn who you are as a performer and where you fit in the big bad world of theatre!”

Laura Vyas

“Being a part of industry ready has not only improved my fitness and dance ability but it’s helped with my headspace as well. I now take time for myself and am kinder to myself. Chris is so fantastic and really tailors the course to each individual person which I absolutely love and what I’ve felt I was always missing in courses like this.”

Helena Lloyd

“Since joining Industry Ready my confidence has improved so much, having a supportive space is really important for me and that’s exactly what you get with this course. Chris is an incredible teacher and I’m stunned at the amount of industry knowledge and dance practice I’ve received in my time learning with him so far.”

Callum O’Brien

“My time on the Industry Ready course has been valuable and amazing. I have been able to grow my existing knowledge of the industry while learning and adding much more information about the Arts. Through this course one to one feedback if given and this has meant that I have been able to grow and improve as a performer. I could not praise how amazing this course is enough!”

Iris Fournier

“On my very first week of this course, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. A friend pushed me to do it, and I wanted to give myself a new challenge. I thought that I could at least try it and see if I like it. Result is: I did the course for 2 months and a week without a break. That is how good it has been for me.
The first week has been a real challenge, physically and mentally. But at the end of it, I felt so good about myself I wanted to go further. This course hasn’t only been a dancing course for me. It has helped my mental health so much. Even though, I was busy during lockdown because I had online classes with my college, I needed an extra thing to push myself further and to explore new things. This course has given me way more than what I was looking for.

Firstly, on a physical and dancing level, I improved so much and accomplished so much with my body. I did things that I didn’t even think my body was capable of. I succeeded to do double pirouettes, I did intensive work outs several times a week and sometimes a day, without giving up. I have observed myself evolve because I had videos of me dancing but also because as the weeks went by, I could feel my body changing and getting stronger. I feel a new energy within my body when I am moving now. At the beginning of the course, I said to Chris that I couldn’t really feel my body. That is a strange way of saying it, but I didn’t feel connected to it at all. We did a whole work on the body and on the breath and I understand my body so much better now. I feel links between my limbs that I couldn’t even feel before.

Secondly, mentally, it has helped me a lot. Today, I am so much more confident. Not only because my body is stronger, and I am a better dancer than I ever used to be, but also because I did a whole work on my mental health. I know myself better and I know what I still have to explore within me. I experienced meditation for the very first time in my life, and I am starting to find a healthy balance between physical and mental work. Getting to know myself is the most extraordinary feeling.
What really helped me too, was to have a small community of performers training, just like me, going through the same challenges as me, and being able to share it and to talk about it. Because of this small group, I knew that Chris really cared about all of us and could pay attention to every detail.

With this course, I learnt that I am worthy, and I am loved, by myself and by others. Today, I really want to learn more about everything and to be more informed about the industry, music, plays, life, … I have a new thirst for life. I will never forget this time of my life and today more than ever, I want to be authentic: authentic to myself and to others.”

Leila McQuaid

“This course has given me the motivation and passion I needed to help me in the industry. You learn so much about yourself and your craft in such a short amount of time. Chris is such a wonderful teacher/mentor and gives great advice/feedback. I couldn’t recommend this course enough!

Madison Langley
Training: SIXTH FORM

“The weeks that I have spent on this course have honestly been the highlight of these past four months! It has taught me so much in such a small amount of time and has allowed me to explore dance and the industry a lot further. I personally feel as though this course is really good in preparing you and teaching you things that’ll be crucial when going to stage schools and entering the industry as a whole! I recommend this to literally anybody who wants to improve on dance or get into the industry!!

Gareth Lord

“Walking into the first zoom session of week one, I was terrified about joining a dance course as someone who had only started learning to dance six months prior. But within the first two days of the course, I felt something I hadn’t felt on a course before. Industry Ready was a very calm and open place where anyone could share their thoughts and feelings in and out of performance. I never knew how important raising your voice was until I joined the course and will look to keep this up.

Chris has been such a supportive person for me throughout this course and helped me see the positives of my dancing while also helping me see where improvement lies. As someone with very little dance experience, this meant a lot to me and I have noticed a change in how I now perceive feedback so I look for positives and keep my confidence up. Industry Ready has introduced me to new styles of dance which I never felt confident enough to do before this course. To think when I came on this course I couldn’t do a double pirouette and was terrified to even think about doing it. Now I am not only able to do this but actually feel confident to do them when asked (even if I fall over). Coming into this course I was so nervous and never thought I’d share videos of me dancing with other people. But after sharing the videos with my course peers and the constant positiveness that came with it, I finally had the guts to started sharing my dance ability on my social media and overcame so many worries about dancing. I now know that it is important to look at how we see and treat ourselves and start to worry less about how other people see us. All these weeks later, I have come to see how my dance ability has grown so much and that I should embrace my unique talents both in and out of performance.

Amber Marks

“The Industry Ready course has helped me improve in so many aspects I didn’t think was possible to do at home. Not only through my dance technique and performance, but my strength both physically and mentally. Coming into this course feeling like I’m “not a dancer”, I now genuinely feel confident enough to go into a movement call and smash it! I can feel changes in my body and see vast improvements in my routine videos each week. Chris knows just how to pinpoint in each person where to improve whilst not making anything feel overwhelming in our feedback. I’ve found ways to be more confident in my body and aware of how I move and I now really appreciate the skills I already have. To have already taken such huge steps in my training is really exciting.

Chris really cares about every single one of us and is always checking in and helping us learn to understand how to take care of ourselves and what works best for our own minds. I’ve learnt how to take time for myself and relax when I need to, and that’s so important. The little community we have on the course is so lovely and supportive of each other, and it’s wonderful to see everyone’s growth in the videos we send of our routines every week. I feel safe on this course, not just because of Chris’s support but because of how great each and every person is.

We also learn a lot about the theatre industry itself and the business aspect, which I’m finding so helpful in the run-up to graduating next year! Knowing how to present myself online and in-person to agents, casting directors etc. is so important. Learning what types of outfits to wear for auditions, how to create reels, self tapes and CVs, and what makes a great headshot has been genuinely eye opening for me as the majority of drama schools don’t touch on it enough! Having these discussions makes me feel like I am already one step ahead and I’m ready to get started. I cannot thank Chris enough for keeping me motivated and happy throughout lockdown, and I know that I will be implementing everything I’ve learnt into the rest of my training and my career.”


If you tell a friend and get them join our weekly Industry Ready Online Course, you both will receive a discounted price of £10 per week and you will receive a free 1to1 session for 30mins! Whoop Whoop!

If you can please add me on Facebook so I can add you to the private group that would be great! My handle is: Christopher Tendai. Please also follow our Industry Ready Instagram Page at: @industryready_ctc

Safe Guarding

Any students that are under the age of 18 must inform their parents about the course. We ask that if the parents can give consent by email that they allow their son/daughter to participate in the weekly course. Within the course we give personal feedback via Facebook messenger to students via voice note to better their skills. We ask that parents either give consent for course director: Christopher Tendai to voice note their son/daughter for professional feedback, OR to send voice note Feedback to the parent to then pass on.

Limited spaces. Apply now online to book your place.

Program is a first come, first serve basis.