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Graduate Testimonials from the CTC Training Program

When participating in the CTC Training Program in 2018, I had just graduated and moved to London. Being new to London, one of the most valuable things I gained was the knowledge and importance of ‘Networking’. I definitely left with a greater understanding of how to succeed in the Performing Arts Industry. Since graduating, I have become self-employed, performed in front of Princess Anne and successfully joined CTC Dance Company.

Leah Bury

CTC Elite Training Program Graduate

It has been a year since I graduated from the CTC training program and I can confirm I am not the same timid shy girl with zero confidence that I once was. Christopher Tendai has given me so much advice on how to lay my CV out, emailing agencies, looking & performing my absolute best and overall believing in myself a lot more. Since graduating I have worked harder than ever on commercial & heels and I am now training constantly at Pineapple Dance Studios & Base Dance Studios with Joshua Pilmore, Sammi Lee Jayne, Danielle Barton, Tarek Khwiss, Heels & Feels, Sharon June, CTC company training and so many more. CTC training program has most of all made my confidence grow as I am now doing things I never would’ve done before. Such as teaching commercial dance on a weekly basis, booking to train in LA and also creating concept videos featuring my own choreography danced by myself or by a group of dancers I created called ‘Gurll Gang’. I will always be extremely grateful for everything Chris has done for me because without the training program, I probably wouldn’t have changed as much as I have in a year’s time.

Melisa Juliet Brill

CTC Elite Training Program Graduate

I’ve always been a terrible dancer and the ‘fake it till you make it wasn’t really happening for me as I felt I had zero confidence. I didn’t have a clue who I was as a performer until I decided to enrol in the CTC Training Program. Course Founder Christopher Tendai showed I could still do it my way and brought back all the passion I had inside me. I was (and still am) unstoppable. After I graduated from CTC, 2 months later I was flying to Miami to start my career as a Singer for Carnival Cruise Lines. So even not being the best dancer in the world, I made it. My way. Now I’m on my 3rd contract and on my way for a promotion.

Anna Luísa Castro

CTC Training Programme 1 Grdauate

The first contact I had with CTC Dance Company was in their first audition 2 years ago. I was in love with the energy in the audition room and after, decided to enrol in CTC Training Program Series 2. I never went to a dance college, as I come from another country where there are not many institutions offering this type of education. The 6 week program really taught me how to present myself and what skills/tools I needed to be successful within the performing industry. The Enviroment within the room was perfect! I felt I grew as a performer, it was full of encouragement, his teaching style was extremely positive, and the course altogether was very challenging. Since graduating, I have become part of the official CTC Company performing for various events (Magic of Animation 2, and Edinburgh Fringe Festival), I have signed with Global agency ’Six O’Clock Studios’, and feel confident in the performer I am right now.

Marina Climent Casas

CTC Training Program 2 Graduate

After graduating the training program, Lucy has signed with a new agent called 33LTD and has performed in a new off Westend Musical called ‘Trioperas’ showcased at the Peacock Theatre.

“Inspirational, driven and supportive doesn’t even cover the amazingness of Chris’ mentoring in the CTCCO program! I came to the program feeling lost in the industry and striving for that next level to reach my end goal in the industry and willing to work hard to achieve this. Chris’ program gave me the tools and guidance to tailor myself, to stand out, to believe in myself, whist refining dance technique all in a 6-week course and continued support proceeding this. I owe

this program a lot and Chris has given me back the piece of me I lost through negative industry comments and re instilled my faith that the power of positivity in the industry and support can help each other achieve success! ‘Let’s do what we love and do a lot of it’”

Lucy Aiston

CTC Training Program Graduate

After Graduating the training program, Casey joined the ‘Sailing Jazz Company’ touring in Hersonissos, Crete from April 2018.

“The training program helped me find my confidence and brought back the fun in performing again. It also taught me how to present myself and have the other skills I need to be successful. I would recommend the program and Chris to anyone as it’s for every performer who wants to find their way”

Casey Baxter

CTC Training Program Graduate

After Graduating the Training Program, Jac has decided to focus more on choreographing and Directing. Jac has started her own business called ‘O’Kody Arts’ and is currently rehearsing her new musical ‘Pollution’ which originated at The Lyric Hammersmith and now will be showcased in Nottingham.

“The CTC training program for me was truly special. Not only was it a place to train and be physically prepared for working in the dance industry, but it gave me a deeper knowledge of preparation for auditions and how to manage myself as a business. from both Christopher, the industry professionals who came in weekly to talk to us (West End Performers,

Commercial industry performers and casting directors). As well as a professional learning environment Christopher tailored a safe one, where the programme was tweaked to your individual needs whether you were a dancer, an actor wanting to dance or someone wanting to branch into the creative side as a director or choreographer. This programme is moulded to your needs and where you are in your path, everyone was an individual.”

Jac O’Kody

CTC Training Program Graduate

Since graduating, Alisha has soared in getting herself seen for auditions and booking Jobs.
Her credits include:
Mr. Eazi, Seyi Shay, Shakka and Da Beat Freakz – Take Over Music, Video 808ink – Come Closer, Forever Jackson UK Tour, Choreographing for a hotel Company in Corfu.

“CTC Company Training I could say has changed my life. I attended series 1 of CTC company training and the 1-1 personal feedback has helped my journey through dance. Not only did I get advice and information through the casting directors, industry performers and choreographers that CTC

brought in, but I developed my dancing skills and got feedback I needed to take me to the next level. I also got help creating a new cv, Showreel and portfolio pictures after receiving help. Updating these crucial things are needed in the industry. I’ve been seen more for auditions, got myself interviews with agents and even been chosen for jobs that I would struggle to get myself seen for. I thank CTC Co. for helping me brand myself as a professional and taking my dance career where it needed to be, also the support from other dancers and the company that I received was warming and for these reasons I would recommend anyone for this training program”

Alisha Margetson

CTC Training Program Graduate

“I learnt so much on this training program. Chris gave one on one attention and advice on how to become better performers and how to represent yourself on the business side. I feel my CV is stronger and I know now how to approach agencies and what to say. Since graduating from the program, I have worked on a Bollywood Film and have joined Gawz Dance Agency.”

Natalie Mowat

CTC Training Program Graduate

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