Take the mask off and what do you see? Have you ever looked into the mirror and don’t like what you see?

It’s time to take our masks off with CTC COMPANY’s new hit show: IDENTITY. This 50 minute controversial and captivating masterpiece showcases society’s negative perceptions of the individual and endeavours to explore the inner strength of humanity by celebrating and embracing our unique identities.

A cast of 8 diversely talented performers awaken our emotions to the pains and heartache of life never truly being black or white. Instead this colourful and explosive show combines Contemporary Dance and Afro Beats with spoken word; live music; and paint to punch its way to the truth about relative issues of today’s society. So let’s get messed up, connected and inspired by daring to reveal our true identity.

Age guidance 12+, Contains Strong Language

CTC CØMPANY – A London Based Dance Company

Renowned for its Versatility and Uniqueness Through Movement.

The company was founded by Christopher Tendai in September 2017. The company, in only a short amount of time, has grown from the companies first short film ‘Imperfections’. CTC CØMPANY is designed to aid the company dancers in many areas such as building friendships, motivating and inspiring to achieve a higher form of ones’ self and exposure.

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CTC Training Program

The program is designed to teach and help performers relish in their entrepreneurial skills for the industry focussing in, Musical Theatre, Commercial Dance, Dance Theatre, and Choreographing/Directing. The course is open to all styles of dance whether it be, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, or Commercial.